Welcome to SC73 Garage. We do in-house development of race-spec performance parts. All parts are carefully designed, manufactured, and tested in Italy.

Our fleets of R&D vehicle ranges from vintage Alfa Romeos, Lancia Deltas, Alfa 4C and Giulia QV, as well as some Japanese masterpieces such as MMC EVO and YARIS GR; the latest addition to SC73 development projects.

Crafted in Mantova, Italy

This is where the magic happens

In-house development

With all state of the art tools and equipment, from Hydraulic press to Metal welding, Engine and camshaft processing, forged aluminium CNC and Carbon fiber autoclave, we have all things available for fast prototyping of new parts to batch production of best-selling masterpieces.

Passion in motorsports

Researched, developed, and proven on the track, for you who seek to extract the ultimate potential of your car